Ya know when you see those posts and people are talking, like, the light was epic man and it all came together. Well, this not one of those 🙂 The light was ordinary and flat when I walked out here, it must have been about 9ish at night and I really wanted to see what Scotland had to offer in terms of seascapes, particularly since this the first night at a spot near the ocean and all. I walked past here and took a bunch of shots and thought, that looks really cool with those buildings over there, but the light is pretty crap, so I kept walking around and along the Morar River towards the exit of it into the sea. I did not really see much of any interest but did find some cool sheep and neat hills which I climbed 🙂 That brings me to another point.. how the hell can the very top of a darn hill be boggy and wet ? it seems everywhere you walk in Scotland its either rock or boggy! I mean my shoes were soaked anyway, but to add insult to injury, i stood atop a hill, and sunk up to my ankle in tasty bog water 🙂

I digress, so after all this and jumping the occasional barbed wire fence (lucky I am tall or else I coulda had some problems if ya know what I mean) I walked back to this spot and the sun was almost about to go behind the clouds on the horizon for the evening and for a brief 10 minutes of so the sun found a gap and lit up the little town of Morar with some nice light (note .. thats not epic light.. just nice light 🙂 ) So, the key message, the light is often a slow burn from crap to nice 🙂 but also on the flipside sometimes just continuously crap 🙂

So there you have it, a nice little panorama of a cute little town on the seaside / river side, if you look closely up in the right side you can see a large cross on the hill, dunno what that is about but still neat 🙂 Its a 4 shout panorama image, stitched in PS via Lightroom and its Thursday one more day to the weekend 🙂

D750 coupled with Nikkor 70-200 mm f2.8 @ 120mm Aperture: f5 and Shutter Speed: 1/125s
ISO: 400
out front: neat little town of Morar

6 thoughts on “Morar

  1. On full screen, which I go to automatically now, this image has an almost stereoscopic feeling, as if the sunlit hill stands above the surface of the screen as the fog-shrouded hills recede behind it. It is quite uncanny but quite, quite wonderful! Scotland hiking is only for the hearty – and the tall from the sound of it! Since I am neither of the above, I am so grateful that you explored it for me, mud soaked ankles and all!

  2. I now have you trained well +Carolyn Fahm 🙂 images do deserved to be viewed big 🙂 and I am glad that here on gplus you can do that and zoom into all that sweet detail 🙂
    Being tall has its advantages.. and disadvanatges 🙂 think buying jeans or pants 🙂 or clocking your head on the bus roof or something 🙂
    I am glad you like this one, I think its very understated but has some really unique and interesting characteristics if you are willing to sit and look for a bit longer 🙂

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