Now who say men can't do this? 🙂 here is a prime example for the record, whilst editing this photo with one hand (mouse) i was rocking tickles (nearly 3 months old now) to sleep (which only took 30 minutes 🙂 ) and discussing the finer points of why chaos (4 year old) should go to sleep even though she was sleepy but her feet were wide awake, ie walking around at 8:30pm – this rates up there with some of the best of a 4 yro's logic.
Here another example:

chaos: 'dad, ya know what'
me: 'what?'
chaos: 'we should get a icecream'
me: 'no'
chaos: 'but it s really hot day and it will cool me down'
me: 'nope, drink some water.'
chaos: 'i'll share it with you'
me: 'no'
chaos: 'it will help me go to sleep.'
and it goes on 🙂

anyway back to the multi-tasking…

23 thoughts on “Multi-tasking

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    Nicole Gruber
    Just did read your multi tasking lines and have to thank you for making me laugh so much, sending greetings to you Gerard. Have a great day :))

  2. I'd say your multi-tasking abilities are pretty remarkable, Gerard! 😉
    I rarely try to combine my 3 year old Elliot with anything where I need to focus since he seems to have a 6th sense about those things and simply can't stand that I focus on anything but him, what he's doing or strangely enough, nothing at all!?

    Awesome work with the photo too! 😉

  3. +Kitten KaboodleInc
    you know what, she actually wins most of the logic arguments with me – she thinks outside the box…or should i say..not like a adult..
    I think you are correct, there certainly is some icecreamy going on in this picture…dammit, 4 yro mind control, i'm done for.

  4. +Gerard Blacklock – when we chose his name we didn't think much of the meaning of it. Checking it up later, finding one explanation saying that it means "elf-ruler" certainly makes sense although he isn't very meticulous about whom he tries to rule over. 😉

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