15 thoughts on “Natures Lightpainting

  1. Hey +Chris Harris this tunnel was used for mushies a long time ago, its fairly well known and becoming more so with amateur photographers putting it on their bucket list 🙂 drop me a message if you need a exact location, its pretty damn close to your end of town anyway.

  2. +Gerard Blacklock I have walked that one from one end to the other. About halfway through if you turn the torches off and look up there is still an open vent that you can see daylight through. My missus grew up down there and her brother's use to ride their pushies through as a short cut down to the surf. I've never photographed it though. Will have to get down there again soon.

  3. +Chris Harris
    Can you get to the mine end of it? it was full of water after a couple of hundred metres (or less) from the station end, i thought you could get to the other end but driving around bit left us confused.

    I can definitely see how it would be a useful short cut, thats a bit of painful hill to ride over when on pedal power 🙂

    Have you seen the other tunnels in the area?

    +Devilbabi Amanda Moore its Helensburgh 🙂 now can you tell me where that cool house is ? 🙂

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