There is not really anything graceful about getting old when your a Fungi, the centipedes poop on your head and the spiders weave webs around ya…

I tried a different method of lighting for this one, I used a Bunnings special Click LED work light , dual pack. Its basically a metre long light full of LEDs, battery goes for ages and its pretty robust, great for herding children down the hallway also 🙂 However in this case I could lean it up against the rock and position it just where I wanted it to get the right light, the shutter speed is still pretty long (1 second) but it also means you can roll the light around a bit to get more or less diffusion. I also had my trusty little diffuser over the old fungi.

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Nikkor 55mm f2.8 @ 55mm Aperture: f32 and Shutter Speed: 1s
ISO 1000
Lightning goodness : Click LED work light with diffuser

8 thoughts on “Old

  1. Never again will I complain about growing older: fungi have it so much worse! But seriously, the lighting is what sets this shot apart and makes it glow. Brilliant composition as well.

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