Outer Tubes

Outer Tubes - (c) 2015 Gerard Blackock

3 images edited in CNX2 and triptyched in LR
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f4 @ 24 thru to 70mm Aperture: f/6.3 (typically) and Shutter Speed: 1/60s
ISO 200

so you togs think ya pretty hard core?

Well, i say you got nothing on these dudes! This is a place called ‘the outer tubes’, i’ll get to that in a second, its one only a few places in the whole world where you can do Land Based Deep Sea Fishing, specifically for those big-ass fish like tuna and marlin, yep, those ones you see dudes fighting on boats for hours on end.

The outer tubes is located just within Jervis Bay, basically the only point where you can get close enough to the water to throw a line in, everywhere else is like 50 metre cliffs 🙂 This place as I understand it, is basically right on the edge of the continental shelf where the oceans real deep and cold 🙂 and where the real man fish live. The name ‘outer tubes’ has absolutely nothing to do with the natural features of the landscape, there i was looking for some cool tube like rocks lol. Rather, its called this since the location is where the outer torpedo tubes where located for defending the bay back in the days when they thought someone would sail on in 🙂 In any case there is still some remnants f the old structure and supports which now form part of this iconic fishing location.

So your thinking, yeah bunch of fisherman, how keen could they be? Well, this place is only open for a short time during the year and the headland is closed from 5:30pm to 2am in morning….yeah weird eh.. so these fisherman clock out here at.. yep 2am in the morning with all their gear for the 1km walk in. Its not a overly hard walk, but you will surely get a bit puffed with a backpack on and there are some awesome metal stairs at the end to get down onto the rock shelf.

So these guys carry it all in the morning, then carry it all out in the arvo..check it out, kiddie pools for the live bait (which they catch and refill the water every few hours), 2 stroke motor pumps, bacon and egg breakie not to mention all the fishing gear, these rods and reels are real man sized ones, and weigh accordingly! and cost a pretty penny too.

So, after a morning session out on the headland I saw the signs to the outer tubes track and was certainly intrigued by the 15 cars in the carpark all of whom obviously got there well before I did.. 2am it would appear 🙂 So i hiked on in and you can imagine my surprise to come round the corner of the rock shelf to the sight of this shelf crowded with dudes and fishing gear! I hung around for about a hour or so just to grab a few shots – the guys there are pretty friendly but pretty cagey too, as most fisherman probably are when it comes to talking about theie fishing spots and techniques, luckily for me its pretty obviously i had no clue so i clearly was no threat lol 🙂

I banged off quite a few shots and it was actually pretty difficult shooting, the dynamic range was huge, the rock shelf is in full shade and the sun was pretty well blaring out in the sky and opposing headland! hence its a small triptych to show the location and people. The fish in the middle image was a tuna I think, probably as long as the dudes leg, these fish they basically cut up and reused as bait and burlie! these are bigger than the fish you see in the fish markets! However if they carried out all the fish they caught, it would be a long walk out 🙂 and really, they are only after one fish… Marlin

To give you an idea of some the fish caught here…just check out this link…trust have a look and have a read

and this one… this is a great read, dudes jumping off the cliff in their undies and tied to a rope to pull fish in!

Now, onto the photography side – what has impressed me here was the Nikon D750’s dynamic range, I turned on the active d-lighting function (to high) to see what it could do, quite impressive, these are all single images no HDR (bracketing). Another interestign point is that I processed the images in both CNX2 (RAW2NEF) and Lightroom and whilst its not really a fair comparsion (i’ll explain further) the processing and end result from the CNX2 software, which imo is better, not by a tiny bit, but by quite a bit. The qualifier here.. I am by no means a expert in LR, I would actually classify myself as a novice, however I really feel limited by lightroom in its editing ability – possibly due to my ignorance. Ie one simple aspect is automatically correcting the colour cast – LR really struggles to get the colour cast right, using either auto or other wise (WB adjustment) I often find myself fiddling with the sliders until I get what I like and the sliders are so sensitive (WB and exposure but not others like the vibrance) its quite hard to get a consistent nice result. CNX2 is pretty good with the Auto Levels and colour cast correction. The other big one is the big one is the masking and control points, CNX2 and the colorefex plugins, even being a few years old just smash the masking and control point in LR, simply things like being able to ‘paint’ on and off effects (or control points or vignetting) seems difficult when compared to CNX2 or PS for that matter… Anyways, onto the picture,

Exif/setup love:
3 images edited in CNX2 and triptyched in LR
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f4 @ 24 thru to 70mm Aperture: f/6.3 (typically) and Shutter Speed: 1/60s
ISO 200
out front – Hoya Circular Polariser


20 thoughts on “Outer Tubes

  1. I see what you mean about the dynamic range of that 750. The camera looks to be a beast. The spot looks like a careful what you asked for spot for hooking into a marlin and trying to fight it from that narrow shelf instead of a fighting chair. Cool story Gerard.

  2. Just goes to show that fishermen are just as crazy and passionate as we are when it comes to getting what we want! I know because I used to be one of them in a past life 🙂

    I have never used CNX2 but found your discussion of said software and comparison with LR quite interesting. I did not realize that CNX2 had such capabilities. I personally have used LR for several years now for most of my edits with PS being reserved for when I need to mask and blend. I have found that the deeper I delve into LR the more capable I find it to be. You have piqued my interest in CNX2 and may have to look into it. Do you use it for much of your processing or is it something new for you?

    Glad to hear that you are liking the D750. I am seriously looking into buying one myself so hands on comments from a fellow landscape photographer that I respect go a long ways.

    Have a great day and look forward to your response Gerard.

  3. +Carl Chapel
    yeah its pretty good makes you a bit lazy in some ways – rather than really nail the light you can always fudge it with the extra dynamic range 🙂
    Thanks mate and yeah, i reckon there has been a few guys get pulled in the water here by big fish..

  4. +Thomas Welborn

    regarding the software , CNX2 is pretty old and clunky, when you compare it with LR it's a bit like comparing a sports car with a old utility truck 🙂
    That said, I have always liked the way CNX2 renders a NEF file, I still think (and there is evidence others also agree) the way it does it it much better than any third party ones.
    Now, I am not a expert in LR, but the more I use it the more I find it very capable, however it will never have the masking power of CNX2 or PS – obviously PS is better than CNX2 in that regard, however less convenient, that is one of the reasons why I still use it.

    I have been using CNX2 for years and to be honest I am trying to move away from it since it will eventually die, hence the increase in LR use.

    The D750 is great, the best feature I reckon is the physical grip, they designed it around a new larger grip and for people like me with larger hands its just gold for handling.

    It has a few niggling issues, like the menu delay (search flickr group for that one) and the rear LCD light up when you change ISO etc, but these are small things in the bigger scheme of things. ANother PITA is the lack of viewfinder window, for LE's you have to remove the eye cup and put the DK-5 on there..which is just painful imo.

    hth. 🙂

  5. Thanks Gerard for your extended comment on both. I can see your point about CNX2 being a bit long in the tooth, so I will continue with LR and PS since familiarity has its merits.

    As for the D750, no camera is perfect in all respects. I have also been looking at the Df as a possible purchase this year. The introduction of the D750 was unexpected but it now introduces another player in the game. Looks as if Nikon is putting many of their eggs in the FX basket.

    Thanks again for your reply and your views. Much appreciated 🙂

  6. I'd read about this place back in the days when I actually had more time to enjoy fishing (many years ago). Never did get around to checking it out though! Cool shots & I'm super impressed with how your D750 handled the dynamic range! Great pics & post +Gerard Blacklock

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