If your going to suffer the experience of flying in something small, you might as well do it in some reasonable level of comfort. I have been squeezed into plenty of little bugsmashers over the the years and whilst the PA-32is not built for real sized men 😉 its actually not too bad to sit in (the rear seats anyway) and providing your not sitting opposite another freakishly tall person then its not a bad way to spend a bit of airtime…

This is also a bit of a blatant plug for mate of mine who does aircraft interior refurbishment's – this old Saratoga (PA-32) was looking pretty tired, but with a bit a helping hand from Airside Interiors ( it looks great again :), top stuff Grant!

Don't be fooled too much by the spacious interior shown here tho.. it was taken with the 14mm superwide 🙂 that makes a outhouse look roomy 😉

12 thoughts on “PA-32

  1. +Kitten KaboodleInc
    I know exactly how they work it out, squeezing a few extra inches out of each seat row can drastically increase your total seat numbers 🙂 but you know what is more scary.. that most of the seats are designed (structurally) for a average weight of 77kgs, now most ladies are well within that.. but the majority of blokes are definitely not 🙂

  2. My husband was only 6 ft 3 inches but he had long legs and a short torso so seating, whether in a car or in a plane could be a massive knees around ears exercise in discomfort. So I can see your concern if you had four equally long legged men sitting in cabin. It would get a bit like a spider convention!

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