37 thoughts on “Perfect Day for it

  1. Earth fits description of paradise… 'The Kingdom of Heaven is amidst you & all around you', means we are in it, but don't perceive it! Thankyou for perceiving it & sharing it!

  2. +Al Chris
    just whack ya camera on the tripod, point it in the kinda down direction near the good stuff in the foreground, take one shot (in manual mode), then recompose the camera for the middle shot, take shot, recompose for the top shot. The more overlap you get the more chance you have of it stitching in PS. Use the 'Photomerge' in PS and it will align the images, albeit a bit crazy like, you can then use the 'wide angle adaptation' to straight things up, which is always needed when you do very wide angle panos.
    all the rest of the info is chaff πŸ˜‰
    you take the 3 or more images and I will walk you through it if you like πŸ˜‰

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