Plantation Floor

I think I almost forgot what a landscape shot was and at sunrise as well – I have only done a few sunrise sessions this year and recently a shot without a kid or newborn in it is certainly out of place 🙂
I have decided there is a positive to newborn feeding when it comes sunrise photo shoots, it makes getting up at 4am a breeze, the only downer is the fact that you really only have a few hours sleep 🙂
There is another benefit, it sharpens the night ninja skillz, gotta sneak outta the house without waking anyone:)

Its been quite a few years since i have been to this spot, the last time was for some crazy light painting gravedigger style shots. This image was a 3 shot (bracketed) panorama at 15mm.

I am also pleased to say that there was no spiders here this time, last time was like walking into a minefield of webs and spiders, alittle disconcerting when its dark 🙂

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