Room with a View

ย Boora Point – this whole area is so interesting – industrial dump site, sewerage treatment plant, gun forts, rifle range, horse riding club and thats just in the last hundred years or so.

The history is fairly well documented, except for the crazy industrial waste that was put there, kind explains why your nuts glow after visiting . That documentation only extends to the last hundred years, try and find some info on the local aboriginal history and about the best you can find is….. the name of the place… Boora or Bora point, which i believe translates into initiation. Maybe its the place local aboriginal kids had to go and spend their initiation time.

Time and the elements are claiming it back, the old forts are literally falling down – thats some quality building there imagine if it ever had to take a shell in enemy fire, brand new i reckon you would have been stuffed…
good place to watch the whales from… until they boarded it up

Room with a View-Boora Point




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