View large – what i really like about this place was the diversity of the rocks, from the smooth polished rocks in the foreground to the angry and very sharp serrated black rocks in the ocean. Whilst not quite achieving the composition I had in my head, i still liked the lack of scale that the image portrays and also clash of the rock types melded together by the long exposure water.
note the access pole running between the two big rocks in the centre..a bit of balance beam anyone? 😉

17 thoughts on “Scale

  1. Thanks for having a look and commenting
    +Anuradha Goyal
    +Zvonimir Fras , the line joining those rocks is a pole that has been cemented in place, its probably about 3 or 4 metres long, i assume its meant to make it easier to get across, but in these conditions you would have to 'tight-rope' style walk across it 🙂
    cheers +Rodney Campbell, rocks are pretty cool.
    Thanks +Blanca Serpa , i appreciate you kind words and regular comments 🙂
    Thanks +sophie DIDIER and +Tom Ring's Brown Daub Kia

  2. Thanks +Walter Gawronski it did turn a bit better than expected, just did not have the right composition , well the one i had in mind anyway..but that's life. Regarding the person/figure, pretty sure i was there by myself – however there have been quite a few people perish in the seas off this area, maybe a ghostly figure 🙂

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