Shooting Sunsets with Chaos

Normally for me photography is a opportunity to gain some solice, some time to myself, however this is often not possible with the family and two young girls. Hence I have taken to asking chaos (the older one) if she would like to come along and help, well I don't need to ask her twice.. 🙂

Soooo.. i think I can call it a success, time well spent with chaos and i did get a few shots I like out of it, which leads me to the next point – I did not actually press the shutter button for this panorama, chaos had control of the wireless remote and pressed it for the 12 shot bracketed pano 🙂 so technically she probably holds part of the copyright 🙂

It was enjoyable, if not alittle frustrating 🙂 instructions were given to press the shutter remote when I was ready and said so.. well she took immense enjoyment and plenty of giggles at pressing the shutter release midway me setting the shot up or swivelling the camera for the next bracket which left me with lots and lots of shots of random compositions 🙂

Anyway, this pano did work out ok, thanks for the laughs chaos.

Techie data:
12 shot bracketed panorama (4 sets of 3 images)
D7000 with Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 @ 19mm- Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 0.5s, 1/8s & 2s
out front – LEE Graduated filter (0.9)

I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed and always appreciate the time people take to have a look, plus and/or comment.

42 thoughts on “Shooting Sunsets with Chaos

  1. Gerard, one of the best shots, I've seen for a good while !
    At work today, chatting with a Truckie, he lives there, and goes snorkeling with the whales as they migrate !
    Thanks for sharing ..😊

  2. thanks +Adam L , this is great part of the east coast, I really love it and I am lucky enough to get up there quite often.
    I have not done much snorkelling there for some time, I did hear they had a shark attack at kylies beach awhile back and just the other day there was a shark in the river/inlet, apparently they head in there to breed or something.. eek 🙂

  3. Gerard, yes mate, indeed you are lucky to get there often !
    I mentioned to the Truckie, that next big road trip north, I must stay a couple of days, ..
    it's been way too long, since I've been there !!
    Yes, you are right, about the sharks, this bloke lives 2 minutes walk from the beach and has the river, for his backyard !! How cool , can it get ??…..Never mind the sharks, …they are just, really big fish….with, really, really big , sharp teeth !! Haha 😃😊

  4. +Adam L and that's what scares me..very very sharp teeth 🙂 i had a little crab latch onto my finger the other day up there and shit did that hurt , imagine how it would be with big teeth or claws..
    Do make sure you stay there a week… plenty to see Crowdy Bay nat park is a must see..

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