Sneaky development

Ya gotta be careful in this day and age, developments will sneak up on you when you not watching… eating up that green space and invading that skyline.

My tribute to the westconnex program..

Have a read of this page for some great spin..

if they used the phrase 'world’s best design standards' any more i think I would barf – can anyone educate me on what this actually means, is there a world best design standard ? does that mean the tunnel will be as good as the ones in Norway 😉 ?
'WestConnex will remove traffic from local roads'
really ? how do they figure that ?

Anyway the image is actually from the other side of the park where there is a bunch of new apartment development going on.. i guess they are all gonna have cars and drive on local roads 🙂

13 thoughts on “Sneaky development

  1. +Chris Sutton I am all for infrastructure etc – but have become so cynical and jaded because you just do not know what deals have gone on in the back rooms to get these things through – or whos mate is supplying the concrete or something like that…and at the end of the day not only do I pay with my taxes but then I get slugged with another toll just to get to work. Note I used to ride my pushbike on the freeway to work.. but can't do that now because of the M5 widening and new tunnel…

  2. Never leave a green space unbuilt must be their motto! This is, or would be, a image of pristine earth and sky but for our WestConnex friends. Never trust a group that thinks "creative spelling" is a good look for their project!

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