Stage 2 of the Table

dsc_2595.JPGOk, so it all glued together and it is pretty square, the legs are not all the same length…but a couple of little felt pads will sort that out later.

The finish is not too bad, not too much glue squeeze out and as a bonus the draw is a snug fit, probably gonna be alot tighter with a bit of laquer. So off I went with my 200 grade sandpaper – out the back of course…imagine the uproar it I got dust on the clan white sheets 🙂

After the first sanding session things were looking pretty good, a few large chips here and there but overall not too bad. Dont look too hard at the legs…they are not all the same!

So 11 o’clock one night I think, yeah, this would be an excellent time to put the first coat on.. noyt:). I had some left over lacquer from a project long gone, tested it on the underside of the table and was fairly happy with it. Got the first coat on with the use of two crappy brushes – mental note get decent set of brushes…. First coat looked good and after a quick sand things were getting pretty smooth…


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