Concrete Engineering (Well ok… its a Slab)

DIY Project – 12 hours of Pain!

dsc_3202.JPG36 Bags of premix concrete! Mixed in a wheelbarrow by hand! At 2 bags

per wheelbarrow mix at about 10 mins per mix and pour (this went to
about 20 mins towards the end!), do that maths and thats alot of hand
mixing, brings new meaning to RSI.

To make things worse, it was sunny all day long and then suddenly at
about bag 20 it started to rain! Out came the makeshift tent and carried
on. started at 9am, finished at 9pm. All things considered I reckon its
not a bad finish and not bad for my first concrete slab!

Most important lesson learnt? hire a cement mixer!

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Sea of Hands

Sea of HandsHeld at Vic Park in Camperdown / Broadway Sydney!

Sea of Hands Statement: Respect, Negotiation and Coexistence

“I believe that genuine Reconciliation can only be achieved by seeking agreement between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians about its outcomes. This will require genuine, good faith negotiations between Indigenous Australians and the Federal Government to achieve reforms that recognise and protect the rights of Indigenous Australians, including native title rights recognised in the High Court Mabo and Wik decisions.

Negotiations will strengthen a sense of national unity, reduce conflict and increase certainty – benefits which can only be obtained by respecting the legitimate rights of Indigenous Australians. Negotiation is fundamental to coexistence and the achievement of Reconciliation for our country.”

See all the pictures here! 


Sleek looking Extra Flugzeugbau Extra 200

Looking for a fasssst plane…. heres one! fully certificated to +/-10g‘sdsc_2813.JPG

S/No. 021

General characteristics

* Crew: one pilot or two in tandem (newer models)
* Capacity: two
* Length: 6.80 m (22 ft 4 in)
* Wingspan: 7.50 m (24 ft 7 in)
* Height: 2.56 m (8 ft 5 in)
* Wing area: 10.4 m² (112 ft²)
* Empty: 540 kg (1,190 lb)
* Loaded: kg ( lb)
* Maximum takeoff: 870 kg (1,914 lb)
* Powerplant: Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E, 150 kW (200 hp)

Check out all the images of this bad boy going together


Finished product!

dsc_2704.jpgFollowing the second coat of lacquer and some more sanding, things were starting to look fairly reasonable, between coats 1 and 2 a filled up a few of the really bad chips etc, they still look a bit rough but hey it adds character!

The final coat up the coast had to contend with flying insects and very moist air, but after a few extra drying the finished product was ready for another 10 years + of service as a functional table.

The pictures say it all pretty well – a final touch with the silver brushed stainless steel handle and it was officially done!

Read the rest of the entry for additional pictures!

Like my drop sheet?!

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Stage 2 of the Table

dsc_2595.JPGOk, so it all glued together and it is pretty square, the legs are not all the same length…but a couple of little felt pads will sort that out later.

The finish is not too bad, not too much glue squeeze out and as a bonus the draw is a snug fit, probably gonna be alot tighter with a bit of laquer. So off I went with my 200 grade sandpaper – out the back of course…imagine the uproar it I got dust on the clan white sheets 🙂

After the first sanding session things were looking pretty good, a few large chips here and there but overall not too bad. Dont look too hard at the legs…they are not all the same!

So 11 o’clock one night I think, yeah, this would be an excellent time to put the first coat on.. noyt:). I had some left over lacquer from a project long gone, tested it on the underside of the table and was fairly happy with it. Got the first coat on with the use of two crappy brushes – mental note get decent set of brushes…. First coat looked good and after a quick sand things were getting pretty smooth…

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Antique Furniture before its even finished!

dsc_2360.JPGSo after sitting around for about ten years gathering dust, being moved from city to city and being partially used, I decided the little old table needed some tender loving care and get completed.

This little table is made from some pretty ordinary timber, I actually cant even remember what it is! Nonetheless, the table, I think, is designed as a phone or side table, it has a single draw with some funky dovetail joints and legs – 4 of them oddly enough – which are turned up in a lathe.

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What Camera to Buy???

After having my beloved Sony DSC-V1 stolen from my car..(assholes) the decision must be made …what camera to get to replce it….the obvious and favoured choice is the next camera in the series..the SONY DSC-V3, excellent revies…only one downer with it is the auto ISO setting during the P mode….has the tendency to dive higher ISo valuse during bright lights….reduces the quality…apprently tho u just need to watch the ISo and it is great….

The only other camera I was seriously looking at was the Canon EOS 350D, this cammera is in a totally different league tho…this is SLR whereas the sony is more compact which is what i am looking for…

nice review here

also the other golden site

will probably go the sony….the first V1 served me well….and all the obvious issues i had with it have been corrected…

Holiday to the North Coast

Well, just finished a nice Easter weekend away, took an additional day of work to make it that litlle bit longer…and to avoid the tourist traffic pain!! Sarah and I went up to Evans head an Tween heads for the long weekend, mainly to visit sar’s family.

Started the drive on the thursday night to get an early start on the traffic, made it Newcastle and stayed with one of sar’s mates, Newcastle is not so bad…..seems relatively cheap place to live which is not a bad thing….got off eraly on the friday morning and drove all the way to Ecans Head with several stops along the way…Kendall, some little place near coffs, and somewhere else along the way..:)…whole trip used 1 tank of fuel in the mighty falcon…775km..not to bad.

Spent the night in Evans Head and then headed up to Tweed heads, went to the beach of course and aslo checked out the Thursday Plantation (Teat Tree oil mainly), stopped at Crystal Castle and picked sar up a little pressies…a nice ring and necklace…Stayed in Tweed for the night and went for a short bush walk at Border Ranges National Park…(Mental note….go back there it is very nice!!) followed up the day with family stuff…

Back to evans head for some more holidaying and then back to sydney on the tuesday..traffic was fine no major dramas….holiday was fine although a camera would have been nice….

and as always holiday not long enough….

Wave Aid Concert

Well again its been way too long since my last plog! This plog however is dedicated to the Wave Aid concert that sar and I went and saw last saturday. Excellent day/nite…. the line up of acts included:

Waifs – missed them cause we were late…shame, i have heard they are pretty good….
Missy Higgins – was good, not necessarily my style but can definitely appreciate her talent…
Nick Cave – never really like him…songs too long and not my style….ate chips and icecream instead!!
Casey Chambers – excellent, one of the few counrty music acts that can make in the ock scene also…very talented singer….her dad is on theband!!
The Wrights – performed Evie (spellin) parts 1-3. The original never did it for me so….what can i say….pretty impressive tho since the ppl included, lead singer from Jet and a few other top bands that i cant remember..
Pete Murray – great singer….top act…plus the girls love hime!!!
SilverChair – never seen these guys before….its been along ime since they played together so one would expect them to be a bit rusty…which they were….nonetheless ok.
Powderfinger – excellent live band….woulda paided the money just for them alone….
Midnight Oil – again…a band who reformed just for this concert…the only one who really made an effort to identify the real reason for the conceert….Peter Garret is an excellent showman….sounds awesome live also.

Got some ok pix of the concert and some neat video footage as well….they had some fireworks during the night….not much to comment on but..hey …better than a kick in the ass….

The walk down cleveland street in thongs was a bit rough….but quicker that getting a bloody bus to central….

Overall it was an excellent day….it was also great to spend some time with sar, time seems to be harder and harder to find now……

Will post some pix and vids of the day on the gallery…..

here they are!

Mail Server Half way to being completely operational!

Well, after quite some time dicking around with exim, i decided to give another mail server program a go…sendmail was outta the question, qmail i tried but was too fiddly…plus just did not work! so last on the list was postfix….i read mixed comments regarding this mail program…but hey, why not give it a go…in addition it has i good webmin config….

spent one weekend on and off installing and tweakin’ the config file…all up the actual config was quick easy and painless, the most problem i had was configuring the firewalls and bloddy telnet to let access to the system….maybe the system is a bit to secure…or unusable…

none theless the mail server is operational and mail can be sent from the user accounts on the server and can be recieved…..only thing to get working now is the pop server and remote mail delivery!!!

Bad trend for the plog!!

Well, looking at those dates it would appear i have not blogged anything for some time, does not mean i have not htought about it tho!! 🙂 .What has happened in the last month of any real significance???

not a great deal i am thinking, however a few memorable notes to reflect on …..

second solo flight after a substantial amount of aircraft downtime, surprise, surprise!! second solo flight consisted on 4-5 ccts with the instructor on the saturday morning, it was quite busy which resulted in a number of go-rounds, good for practice. I then proceeded to do 3 solo ccts which all went sweet. Lucky i got a keen instructor who keeps pushing me to keep flying….then again i am just an hours slut!! 🙂

third solo flight, what a gem, scared absolutely shitless but is was fun , no major f*** ups which is always good!! even had a runway change in there!

fourth solo flight…had major head-ache..was tired..first few ccts went well..greased them in….last few were terrible, cross-wind had come up and i was struggling, bounced the last few in…must practice cross-wind technique…

will be heading out the training area for training area training..too many trainings in there!! should be fun..better than flying round in cirlces all day!!

newsworthy item – a duchess came down during the week, it appears the pilots are ok. They were doing a engine failure approach….one engine fully feathered, for some reason unknown to myself the tower initiated a go-round, of course the poor ol’ duchess cant do anything with an engine out! It would be nice to know the facts..will have to wait until the ATSB report comes out.

Spent the weekend of the 23rd up at mums in the lovely countryside, always a nice drive up there…just as long as u dont have to do it too much!!!

Work is exciting as ever, CASA212 is bleeding off, thank f***….no got crazy pod shit….never thought i would be doing this kinda work when i graduated.

Had my review last week, was ok, got payrise and all…still think i am seriously under paided. key points for this month are….do work to hard…its not worth it!! have a life and be fit and healthy…this is more important than a career.

Another item of interest!! had the phone disconnected for about 6 weeks…what a blessing!!! shoulda paided the bill i suppose tho!!..oh well the 60 buck connection fee is heaps less than what it woulda cost to have it on with this household. Speaking of rippoffs…bloody parking fines….fined for parking nose to kerb instead of ass to kerb…the worst part…i went back to the car to put the snorkelling gear in the boot and the parking inspector was two cars away giving some other poor prick a fine….they could have a least said something…lousy f***s

This weekend has been interesting…mums been down, sisters have come out to play…makes for one very stressful visit!!! nonetheleess life will go on..

hopefully the next plog will be sooner rather than later….

Been awhile!!

Well tonite after finishing work i once again went off to goair for some computer therapy…not…i did manage to get the thing working fine, ie the modem and router to work and all the machines obtain access to the internet….bridging was the key…

Was meant to go for my second solo flight tomorrow but again my new instructor cacelled on me…due to night flying or something! not to worry will do it all again on saturday!!

Recently updated half my computer….new motherboard…courtesy of seano , and a new 3000+ XP athlon and 1 Gig of RAM, reinstalled winblows and it runs like a bloody rocket!! all the FEA and CAD progs run like dreams, no more waiting 15 secs for tha darn things to refresh!

Work i flat out…busting a gut to get the CASA212 job done…doing everything in 3d modelling..takes a bit more time but looks heaps better and makes fro much more comprehensive dwgs….plus they will be used again for the next aircraft…

until next time..hopefully sooner then later….