Mail Server Half way to being completely operational!

Well, after quite some time dicking around with exim, i decided to give another mail server program a go…sendmail was outta the question, qmail i tried but was too fiddly…plus just did not work! so last on the list was postfix….i read mixed comments regarding this mail program…but hey, why not give it a go…in addition it has i good webmin config….

spent one weekend on and off installing and tweakin’ the config file…all up the actual config was quick easy and painless, the most problem i had was configuring the firewalls and bloddy telnet to let access to the system….maybe the system is a bit to secure…or unusable…

none theless the mail server is operational and mail can be sent from the user accounts on the server and can be recieved…..only thing to get working now is the pop server and remote mail delivery!!!

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