Been awhile!!

Well tonite after finishing work i once again went off to goair for some computer therapy…not…i did manage to get the thing working fine, ie the modem and router to work and all the machines obtain access to the internet….bridging was the key…

Was meant to go for my second solo flight tomorrow but again my new instructor cacelled on me…due to night flying or something! not to worry will do it all again on saturday!!

Recently updated half my computer….new motherboard…courtesy of seano , and a new 3000+ XP athlon and 1 Gig of RAM, reinstalled winblows and it runs like a bloody rocket!! all the FEA and CAD progs run like dreams, no more waiting 15 secs for tha darn things to refresh!

Work i flat out…busting a gut to get the CASA212 job done…doing everything in 3d modelling..takes a bit more time but looks heaps better and makes fro much more comprehensive dwgs….plus they will be used again for the next aircraft…

until next time..hopefully sooner then later….

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