GF gone away and its time to party…

Well i should be partying da nites away but have unfortunetly been spending alot of time do work stuff at home…probably lucky shes not here… 🙂 never get any work done.. and when i am not working i am playing Doom 3, pretty damn awesome..playing it is actually scary!!!

Hopefully in the coming weeks i can get organise to get some specs…been along time since i had them…but nice for a change.

Had a excellent swim the other day after finishing up at Mascot, pumped out 20 laps in just over 20 mins, really had the rythm…

Flying side of life…has com to an absolute grind halt…the aircraft is in for the 50 hourly and to get carby heat cable fixed…darn thing busted just before i was to go solo for the second time….last few flights have been pretty rough due to the extended time off from flying…when it comes back i will definitely look at going 1-2 time a week…specially once this CASA212 and lear projects are over!!!

anyway after a solid week the RSi is setting in!! 🙂

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