What Camera to Buy???

After having my beloved Sony DSC-V1 stolen from my car..(assholes) the decision must be made …what camera to get to replce it….the obvious and favoured choice is the next camera in the series..the SONY DSC-V3, excellent revies…only one downer with it is the auto ISO setting during the P mode….has the tendency to dive higher ISo valuse during bright lights….reduces the quality…apprently tho u just need to watch the ISo and it is great….

The only other camera I was seriously looking at was the Canon EOS 350D, this cammera is in a totally different league tho…this is SLR whereas the sony is more compact which is what i am looking for…

nice review here http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/sony/dsc_v3-review/

also the other golden site www.dpreview.com

will probably go the sony….the first V1 served me well….and all the obvious issues i had with it have been corrected…

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