Sydney Park

I really like this park, its recently under gone some rework to tweak the water course and I gotta say it looks fanatastic and also includes lots more paths, stepping stones and all most important of all, more nice smooth areas for scootering 🙂

I have recently started running at this park, well running might be a bit of a exaggeration at this point, a slow jog that decreases in speed over the session 🙂 with lots of space and and areas where you can run on the grass (rather than concrete) its pretty unique for the inner west. In the past I have taken plenty of images at this park, particularly of runners silhouetted on the hills and during storms and always made some smartass comment about nutters, I guess thats gotta stop now especially since I did even go running in the rain 🙂
Chaos and Tickles love this park too, awesome spot for riding the pushbike and barrelling down puppy dogs with the scooter 🙂 (yeah tickles, i am looking at you here)
So, here are a bunch of pictures from a recent visit 🙂

Sydney Park

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21 thoughts on “Sydney Park

  1. The girls always look like they have a ton of fun at this park +Gerard Blacklock​​! Beautiful photos :)) They are both so lucky to have you make such lovely photographic memories for them! Ps. Better them barrelling down the local doggies than Dad I say! ;-))

  2. +Kitten KaboodleInc
    one problem with taking lots of pictures is that they kinda lose there value.. and I wonder whether images today have teh same value as they did when I was a kid – i had school photos and probably a dozen other pictures and that was it..but I valued them 🙂
    I agree re the doggies – I ran one down today whilst going for a run 😉 (he was ok, just a bit embarrassed 🙂 )

  3. +Gerard Blacklock hmm that's an interesting question in today's 'insta' society. My dad took gazillion (and I mean gazillion) photos of us over time ..and I didn't value them then much. .but my mother did..and today I'm grateful for the ones she did keep. I'm pretty sure your girls will treasure them greatly. As for running down doggies I was kidding! They're often getting tangled up somehow though… as long as it was only pride that was the casualty hehe 😆

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