I just had to tally up a few important things from our visit to Norway.. of the 900 road tunnels in Norway we clocked out about 80 of them in our trip, from dinky little things carved in the side of a cliff to the longest road tunnel in the world, at 24.5 kms the Lærdalstunnelen is pretty impressive its even got disco rooms for stopping bays 😉
Some tunnels I drove in had no lights, single lane and full of fog, luckily it was late and i did not pass anyone in that tunnel 🙂 trying to reverse when driving on the opposite side is kinda challenging.
Now, australia has a few tunnels, but these (excluding the SNowy Mountains scheme) are nothing but childs play compared to what they do over here.. these guys do tunnels for the fun of it i reckon… rather than blast some rock away like we have for the Freeway outta north sydney they would have just tunneled it 🙂 apparently they have quite the pride in their tunnel efforts! so me reckons that Westconnex mob should be ditched and we get hold of one of these Norwegian companies. If a country with 5 million people (thats the same as sydney) can generate 900 hundred road tunnels then imagine what they could do in sydney 🙂
Anyway heres a disco tunnel for ya, about 19kms into the worlds longest road tunnel.
4 shot panorama using the super wide 14mm Samyang

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  1. As a claustrophobic for whom even relatively short tunnels are a cause of rapid breathing and stress, this tunnel is the stuff of nightmares! You have to be very good at enclosed spaces to be a Norwegian!

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