Probably one of the most touristy places in Norway, the fjord here was pretty cool, but to be honest after coming from Geiranger, Andalsnes, Trollveggen it was a bit of a let down and and given the the large number of tourists and cruise ships I would recommend one of the fjords less frequented by cruise ships 🙂

Typically I like to get shots when the like is soft and favourable, this is typically at the start and end of the day, however when your on holidays you don't get the luxury of choosing exactly what time you will be at a place. This was one such case, beautiful scenery but the light was pretty harsh and seemed to always be coming from the wrong spot 🙂 however there was a few corners where a view from the back of the boat (over all the tourists) had some nice light in conjunction with a nice compo.

4 shot panorama, note the inclusion of the kayaker off to the right, in addition to the boat, it also gives some scale.

9 thoughts on “Nærøyfjord

  1. +Winnie Young
    We flew into Trondheim and drove from there down to Oslo via Flam and a whole bunch of places. We did consider the train however we needed a bit more freedom and I really wanted to drive on some the roads up in the hills 🙂 We did take a few trains in Sweden and they were great

  2. +Gerard Blacklock I see. We did not drive in Norway, we took train from Olso to Bergen and back, the train went through the mountains and passing some towns (which are surrounded by lakes….guess they are melted snow) just breathtaking….something that hooks me and I would for sure go back again to those places that we saw on the train….if possible!
    We be too nervous to drive… to be honest ; )) A couple of chickens 😉

    I definitely see the advantage of driving! specially you have two adorble girls ; ))

    Well, good to talk to you Gerard! You have a nice evening.

  3. +Winnie Young
    I heard that is one of the best train rides in Scandinavia! The driving is pretty tricky when you come from australia, we drive on the other side of the road as well, which makes it all the more interesting 🙂 luckily I had some time to practice before getting into the mountains.

    have great rest of the week Winnie.

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