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Sydney Park.

I used to really enjoy going to this park, but now it is now overrun with people walking their dogs, well, basically thr majority just letting their dog roam free. I can put up with the occasional dog checking me out and sniffing the kids and dodging the occasional dog poo, but when you spend half your time dodging dogs, picking up the kids and trying to stop dogs scaring the kids it gets a bit tiresome.

To cap it off and this is probably the real kicker, the blatant disregard that dog owners have for clearly marked signs just makes me irate. A big part of Sydney park is the wetlands which has had extensive landscaping and design and is now home to a bunch of birds, even some crazy migrating birds, then you see the banks of the waterways decimated by dogs and dogs in the water and you just shake you head. “No dogs in wetland”.. what part of that is not clear?

the only way to stop this is by putting fences around it which means access is lost for everyone.

Note: there are some who do seem to do the right thing, but it really seems to be the minority.

Rant over – some BW images for something different

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