If you have seen shows like the biggest loser, the great gatsby, the movie Sleath (yeah it was crap, but cool choppers in there) etc, then you have seen this machine, VH-FHD, Kawasaki BK117, its a bit of a star ;). Its got a cool retro style paint job which reminds me of what these would have (or still do) looked like back in Japan – I know I rave on about these choppers, but they are my favourite , probably closely followed by the BO-105 from which alot of design and parts are common … which leads me a very cool video..

ya gotta check this out, this is Chuck Aaron doing bad bad things to the Red Bull BO-105, so bad its good 😉 watch for the bit where he pours a glass of water on the centre console then does a loop without spilling it…


Back the image, of a BK117, you can see the similarities between the two rotorcraft, and if you need some heli-work see the chaps at Helitreck, its one of the few mobs I would fly with 😉 not like that transasia crew eek 🙁

Exif/setup love:
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f4 @ 24mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/250s
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL.

Kawaskai BK117-B2

Kawaski BK117-B2 - (c) 2014 Gerard Blacklock

Kawaski BK117-B2 – (c) 2014 Gerard Blacklock
D750 coupled with 300mm f4 and 1.7x TC @500mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/1000s
ISO: 100

Lotsa good stuff comes out Japan, helicopters, camera’s submarines 😉 sushi.. you name it there are plenty.
I like the BK117 helciopter, its a real work horse, its not as pretty and slick as the newer Bell 429 (although you probably should compare it with the BK117C3 / EC145) but its a proven reliable known quantity.
I really should take more shots of these since i see them just about every day 🙂 Now that the skycranes are back I will be sure to grab a few shots of those monsters – now if only someone would bring in a few of the new russian MIL-8TMV’s? that would be cool

Techie love:
D750 coupled with 300mm f4 and 1.7x TC @500mm Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/1000s
ISO: 100
out front – Kawasaki BK117-B2


crocs vs helicopter
Its not often I post a image that is not mine and as such full disclosure, I did not take this – however I do know the source of the image but that's as far as it goes 🙂

Augusta/Westland AW139 – this is a real helicopter!

Born out of a need to replace the venerable Bell 212/412 which has served for so long, the AW139 steps the bar up in regard to a machine of this size and target audience. Once you have flown a AW139 you will never want to go back to a BK117, Bell412 or EC145.

Admittingly there have been a few teething issues, tail rooters letting go, tail boom strength and some bizarre anomalies with landing gear however all things considered, for what is essentially a first of type its doing ok I reckon.


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