Augusta/Westland AW139 – this is a real helicopter!

Born out of a need to replace the venerable Bell 212/412 which has served for so long, the AW139 steps the bar up in regard to a machine of this size and target audience. Once you have flown a AW139 you will never want to go back to a BK117, Bell412 or EC145.

Admittingly there have been a few teething issues, tail rooters letting go, tail boom strength and some bizarre anomalies with landing gear however all things considered, for what is essentially a first of type its doing ok I reckon.


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6 thoughts on “Augusta/Westland AW139 – this is a real helicopter!

  1. Not really. I shoot on fluro WB in camera so the LCD preview looks close. From there I used my car, which is grey, kind of used it as a big grey card and made a WB preset for Lightroom. It's served me pretty well since.

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