Terrace Falls and Salote Pool

Salote Pool - (c) Gerard Blacklock

Salote Pool – (c) Gerard Blacklock

Its been a few years since I have done this walk down to Terrace Falls, its a great little spot and quite accessible (especially when you have busted foot) without too many people, unlike some spots further up towards wennie falls and katoomba. Not much water running, however all the pools down to Picnic point have absolutely crystal clear water and lots of freshwater crayfish.

I would say view this large and zoom in, however google in their infinite wisdom have removed the ability to zoom in the newer version of google plus. So, at the very least, view it full screen 🙂

This image is an absolute bundle of shots, 21 shot panorama, its basically a 7 frame (portrait orientation) image with each frame bracketed (under, normal and over)
Now, one might wonder, why not just take a shot at 16mm and get it all in one frame ? yes you can do that, however one significant disadvantage (ignoring the resolution thing) is that when in wide angle things in distance look really small, hence in this case the small falls would have been represented as tiny tiny falls 🙂 Thats a big thing for panos, it does change the perspective alot (and for the better).
D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 @ 62mm Aperture: f13 and Shutter Speed: 10s for normal exp, 1.3s for the underexposed one and 30 sec for the over exposed, this is the one that gets the detail in those dark rock cavities 🙂
ISO: 100
out front: Hoya CPL

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  1. +Gerard Blacklock Beautiful image Gerard, and the zoom is one reason I'll keep using the old version until they kill it off (which will be quite soon I suspect). Actually, I've been wondering if the lack of zoom in the new version is to dumb images down and reduce the difference between phone photos and high res images. (or perhaps that's a grassy knoll view 🙂 )

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