The Penetrator

I always wanted to use that title 🙂 and I think this building is the perfect subject for it.

One significant difference between the D7000 and the nikon D750 cameras which becomes quite apparent in shots like this is the noise and sensor hotspots. Previously when doing exposures like this on the D7000 there would be a barrel load of hot pixels and more noise (for lack of a better term). The D750, in this case has none, yep.. thats right.. zero hotspots and the resulting long exposure is much cleaner (read less noise) – this is to be expected given different sizes of sensors and the pixel density i suppose.

anyway enough of all that boring stuff, back to the picture, this image is taken with the B+W ND1000 filter, which was the second ND filter I purchased, the first was a 3 stop hoya one, just for waterfalls), the B+W was my first introduction into super long exposures and even after the first use I was really pleased with the results, the only drawback, and it is a significant one is that its a screw filter, meaning it can be quite time consuming to get a single shot, ie one must firstly compose, focus, then screw the filter on and then take shot (after putting your DK-15 eyepiece cover on – dont forget that 🙁 )
After sometime of using this filter I did get the Lee bigstopper which is a slide in filter, hence is by far more convenient, however a completely different colour cast and in my opinion less nice than the B+W – that is however based on nothing but my grand opinion. And in case when it goes to a black and white, who gives a rats bum.

back to the penetrator… no fake clouds here – these are all real, yep every single one of them, admittingly I did clone out a bit of another building up on the top left, but it was tiny.. 🙂

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f2.8 @ 62mm Aperture: f/18 and Shutter Speed: a mere 127.3s
ISO 100
out front – ND1000 B+W Neutral Density (ND) – Schneider Optics

36 thoughts on “The Penetrator

  1. +Gerard Blacklock hmm ..well I learn something new every day from you Gerard 😀 … hot pixels make guys go weak at the knees ..who would have thought??? 😉 and as much as I KNOW you were dying to use that title (something slightly SK about that don't you think +Thomas Deckert​??) I have an alternative proposal (see my reshare) GREAT photo btw 😀

  2. First up – cheers for the loaner of the BigStopper this morning mate – saved my a$$ (for everyone else I'd brought the rest of my grads, etc but left the big and little stopper home because I thought I wouldn't need them and since we were riding bikes around the city figured I'd keep the pack as light as possible :)).
    Anyway back to the images – I was pretty happy with most of the LE's we did that morning – the clouds (as you can see in +Gerard Blacklock's shot) were very accommodating – just the right mix of clouds and clear sky and a good speed of movement.
    For this gateway building I do like your compo better than mine, but I got a great shot with the AMP building that I'm really happy with.

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