The real moon?

The real moon?
I left it pretty late to get to this spot and assumed that I would be the only one silly enough to be down here at this time, however I was very much wrong 🙂
I parked up on the main road and road the pushie down the fire trail and did not see anyone on the way in – I gotta say those rocks on that Curra Moor trail have seemed to have gotten larger, I think i managed to hit every large rock and also every deep patch of sand and my arse cheeks are definitely worse for wear now. Anyways get down there just as the sun was disappearing and there are hordes of people doing selfies on the rock.. well hordes might be a slight over statement but… more than the zero people I was expecting 🙂 So i figured i’ll just take a few pictures of them 🙂
and for an extra laugh …. if you look at one of the pano ones.. its me taking a picture of dude who is taking a picture of another dude who is actually the one taking the picture of the dude on the rock..

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