The Shoe Horn

or whatever shape you think it looks like
As with alot of the hot summer days on the north coast of NSW, a storm was brewing inland during the day which then turned into one crazy looking storm cell and consequently dumped a whole bucket load of rain, most days like this mean the sunsets get muted by the heavy cloud on the inland hills, however today was different 🙂

After visiting Byron Bay…and being very thankful to be able to leave the place 😉 (i like my solitude some-days;) ) I noticed some breaks in the storms armour, letting thru some light and promising the potential of some colour, so with a leave pass from the boss and promises to Chaos that yes I will take her sunsetting soon… just not today cause it was late, wet, slippery and I was heading into tiger country 😉 ok.. maybe not the tiger (four legs man eating etc) that most think of, but more the tiger snake kind 🙂 anyway thats irrelevant. A quick visit to the local lookout to see if there that potential for colour was still there and low and behold, I met another tog who had been chasing the storm, seems they are everywhere nowadays 😉 after a quick gear chat I donned the spray jacket and headed into the scrub bound for the rocks that form the base of Goanna Head.

After some scrambling, slipping and plenty of cursing I found a new little rocky outcropping which had all the potential of awesome selfie location – enter the Shoe Horn, the sun had just dissapeared over the headland and things were gonna get dark real quick. The problem with sunset is the longer you stay the darker it gets (well derrr i hear ya say 😉 ) but consequently the harder the walk out becomes, unfortunately all the sweet light really occurs as the sunset has disappeared over the horizon which means in the shadow of a headland things are getting pretty dark…

So, that little bit of rock sitting out there in the ocean… I was gonna stand on that for my selfie, however, responsibility got the better of me, half an hour from anywhere and if I slip off there there is probably only one outcome ;(

So, to the picture..without me in it, probably better that way 🙂

Vertical Pano style
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/18 and Shutter Speed: 10s
ISO 100
out front – Lee Graduated Filter (0.9x) and Hoya CPL, lots of spray, slippery ass rocks and sweet colour.

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