There's only one way out of here, said someone to the not so little rock

The really cool thing about the internet is the way that information is at your fingertips, moreso the ability to find an answer based on only part of the puzzle. I think that probably makes us dumber in a way, yet smarter in another, not real sure on whether thats a good thing yet, history will tell.

I was watching the movie "The Thin Redline" the other night, apparently we (my work) had a bit to do with the Wirraway (thats a plane btw) in it, so when it came on TV (yup i'm old school still only watch whats on free to air 🙂 ) i thought i would watch it – not too bad of film i suppose, but what tickled my interest was some audio samples, which i later went back to soundtrack to find, only to note they were not there, segway into the handiness of the internet, yep, the particular audio samples were from a fav artist of mine, Unkle. As such, i'll leave ya'all with quality quote from their work – i suggest a good session listening to Unkle is in order, particularly never never land, great stuff.

Does it help the grass to grow? The sun to shine?, Is this darkness in you too? Have you passed through this night?, This great evil. Where's it come from?

Onto the image, i love these kind of pictures, ones which look out of this world and even completely fabricated, yet not – this particular image is 3 images stitched together to make the pano format, each one taken with the waves in similar spots to make sure it does not look disjointed, with a shutter speed of 3 seconds its pretty forgiving to get things to align, the lone rock at low tide provided the anchor for all 3 images.
The morning sea fog which was crazy thick just topped it off. No elements added, removed or significantly altered, makes for a real easy image to process.

8 thoughts on “There's only one way out of here, said someone to the not so little rock

  1. Your presence here may have no added to sunshine, but it has made my life so much richer. Appreciation is a small word, but it what I am sending as the end of this venue draws ever nearer. I am on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram, although I am not on the latter two at the moment as I recuperate from surgery. If our paths never cross again, thank-you for sharing this beauty with me. It has been an honour.

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