Tickles first Bike Ride

I am not sure what enjoyed more, watching Tickles ride around Sydney Park for the first time or watching others get out of her way. Not bad for a first effort, just need to work on the application of the braking system, not so much the ability to actually use both the pedals and both handbrakes but moreso to use them in a more gradual application. We certainly broke in that new bike and the tyres, each application of the brakes resulted in a black rubber streak on the path 🙂 and mostly me or someone else tripping over her 🙂 One complete lap around sydney park definitely deserved an over priced icecream…Well done to Chaos also for being a helpful big Sis with plenty of encouragement and the occasion threat 😉

In Album 08/06/2017

19 thoughts on “Tickles first Bike Ride

  1. Looks like a great place to go. I haven't lived in Sydney since leaving in Dec 2005, is Sydney Park around Homebush area as I remember going to so event there.

  2. +Anna S its a great spot – its located near St Peters, I see why you might think it is Homebush, the parklands there are similar (albeit much bigger). Sydney park is actually a reused rubbish tip site, its a prime example of what can be done to rejuvenate waste land back into prime green spaces..

  3. +Gerard Blacklock oh wow thanks for that info. Love the stepping stones idea. They did well in rejuvenation then. Btw my girl learnt to ridw her bike 3 years ago aged 7 without training wheels, just learnt balancing while riding on grass. Worked a treat.

  4. +Anna S yeah thats the best way to do it I think, we did the same with our eldest one, basically she did not ride very much until we got her a nice bike (the one she is on in these pictures), we just went out a few times and had a few stacks and before we knew it she was riding around.
    I am not sure how we are going to go with the training wheels on tickles and transitioning without them 🙂

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