With the demise of google+ a few years back there was a wonderful community born from the ashes of another failed google product (thats a rant for another day).. this started by a good ozzy bloke called Chris Sutton (who also has wisely avoided FB:) ). The community has certainly matured over the years and turned into a great bunch of people out to share art and art of all kinds, photography is just one element.

They also have a cool quarterly book they put together which is provided in digital format and also hardcopy, I am fortunate enough to have a good mate Al Chris who also is a member who kindly shared with me the one of the hard copies from last year. Its a wonderful read and so good to see a diverse range of images and stories from all across the globe. So if your looking for a great community of artists without all the gaff of FB or instagram be sure to check it out


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