Toothbrush…what toothbrush?

Tickles (well what I reckon what going on in her head):
"Dad you should really try this toothbrush man… its so much more awesome than my dinky little one….. really dad stop taking photos and try it 🙂 mum won't know a thing.. she only uses it to paint stuff on her face you know?"

for the record, mum does not like having her 'brushes' used as toothbrushes 🙁

17 thoughts on “Toothbrush…what toothbrush?

  1. +Kitten KaboodleInc
    you have watched too much peppa pig 😉 Silly daddy 🙂 I am not sure about the health benefits of this option, whilst they were pretty clean i am pretty sure makeup has some big labels saying external use only 🙂
    one picture which did not work out was the one where she stuck the brush in my face… i was in self defense mode then rather than picture taking mode lol.

  2. +Tom Testone
    when mum first saw the photo she was like:
    'awww isn't she soo cute…. '
    'whats that she sucking on?..'
    (that's the moment of realisation)
    <insert expletives here>
    most of my camera lens etc have had greasy little finger marks on them now, i have given up trying to do matrix style dodging 🙂

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