Trip to Melbourne….

Well i dont really like melbourne…and i really dont like it now since all i do there is bloody well work….

Arrived down here on the Monday on a morning flight which was uneventful except for the usual jammed in knees and cramps…..curse the small seat pitch on virgins jets…Spent most of monday and tuesday establishing where we are up to in the projet (which is th installation of the Daedulus Line Scanner) and how much stuff the sheeties have pulled out of the aircraft. It seems the project is moving along very quickly and the amount of work we have done currently will be consumed by the sheeties and mintenance guys will be swallowed up fairly quickly. My main job for this project so far has been the Rack installation and the FEA modeling of the pressure box, which has been nothing but painful…mainly due to the requirement of having the ability to retrieve fastener loads from the model, which means there must be beams (BEAM 188) joining keypoints on all of the fastener positions…biggest problem with this is actually modelling the geometry and gett Ansys to do what we want…..key points to remember…

– If drawing in AutoCad ..ensure that all regions line up and there is no strange gaps or misalingments in the regions…which i had to start with….which i painfully removed and check one by one by zooming in to the max to determine if there was any misaligment….

– Find a btter way of generating geometry…..

Once all the data (in the form of a .satfile) was in ansys it was not too bad…..the analysis actually came out real good…and fairly accurate, when compared to hand calcs of Alans….. I have learnt heaps of Ansys during this short time…everytime i use ansys i learn more….

Mental note while i remember…I have 4 days owing now due to the issue of working on Sunday….(3 from last year – 1 this year)

We are staying in lovely Essendon, which seems nice…

will update towards the end of the week…..

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