Tunnel of death

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maybe this is the river to the other side? how cool would it be to setup a shot here with a boat and have a dude on board with a rusty old lamp, very spooky, anyone got a old row boat they wanna to lend me?

Techie love:
4 frame panorama (bracketed)
Exif/setup data:
D7000 coupled with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 @16mm Aperture: f/8 ISO 100 and Shutter Speed: 1/10s (neutral frame)
Out front: Circular Polariser, water and tunnel of death

49 thoughts on “Tunnel of death

  1. Nothing should alter this shot whats so ever, Gerard! Cascading greenery coming down both sides…the unbelievable detailed stone work in the bridge….not me..
    Not going in….so….here's the boat…..lol…..excellent!

  2. +Mike Hankey
    dammit, i forgot about that, but that said i probably did not have time as the 16 year old I was with was already at the end of his patience with taking photos 🙂 also, i don't relish the idea of sticking my toes in that water!

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