8 thoughts on “Uncropped

  1. Try cropping in the original ratio by starting in the top left corner and drag down until the rock is roughly in the bottom third right cross point. If you know what I mean. You might need to move the crop around until it's close. See how that looks mate. I'm off to bed so I will check your results tomorrow. :))

  2. Gerry – in two minds about the faint rocks peeking on the bottom left. Also maybe a bit too much saturation (blue) in our hero rock – gives it a real alien coppery feel tho which I'm beginning to like 🙂

  3. Hey +Mykal Hall I will have a look at that crop option, I like the thin vertical pano style but in the first attempt it did not quite get there, i will revisit shortly.

    +Rodney Campbell hopefully the crop will sort those rocks out, the colour and sat on the rock is due to the sunset hue behind the right shoulder, the overall colour of scene was indeed quite a bit more blue-ish and this has been desaturated quite a bit.

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