6 thoughts on “Vrotate…who cares.. by the time you get to the end of that runway there is no turning back. I love the fact that the first guy does not use the full length, but the last 3 make use of that extra 20 metres

  1. I have flown out of Lukla twice +Gerard Blacklock . First time was in 1983 when it was just a dirt strip, and last time in 2011 and looks like it is now.

    A very exciting way to finish off a trek to the Everest Region. The flight back to Kathmandu is about 30 mins, but it took me 8 days to get to Lukla by bus first for 12 hours, then walking 7 days on the way to Everest.

    This brings back great memories.

  2. Hi +Gerard Blacklock

    I did in 1983, but in 2011 we only went as far as Gorak Shep which is the last settlement before base camp. The day we were thinking of heading to base camp snowed a lot, so we decided not to take the 6 hour trip there and back from Gorak Shep.

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