Wave rock

Find the hidden house..go on, zoom in 🙂

There must have been a dozen times on this day where I just thought the scale and size of the mountains cannot impress me anymore, however around every corner it seemed each rock face and mountain was placed there just to top the one just past on the road 20 minutes ago.

Alot is lost in this image, but if you view full res you can see a tiny house down there on the lower right hand side, nothing more than a one room shack, but it gives some scale, what you probably can't see, is the figures of the people over on the right hand side.

This one is a handheld pano using 8 images in the portrait orientation, i never really thought I would look at and process it, however I am kinda glad I did now…

4 thoughts on “Wave rock

  1. Found it! I had to zoom in a bit for than full scale. Just imagine what living there must be like! Actually, I cannot imagine it. What an incredible mountain. Wave rock describes it perfectly.

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