What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?

thats gold

The high country in Kosciusko National Park is nothing short of spectacular, this particular scene unfolds as you come off the top of Carruthers Peak and start the first descent on the main range track.
Mout Kosi can be seen in the distance and if you look carefully you can even see Rawsons pass and the track leading down to Seamans hut.
Something I never realised was that Carruthers Peak and the surrounds in the now National park were heavily grazed and burned in the late 1800’s and well

into the 1900’s, it was not until after multiple Botanists/conservationist’s recommended that it need to change due to the huge soild erosion that was occurring did the government implement change.
Here’s a fun timeline fact about how slow governments move when there is significant environmental impact occurring but pressured by commercial aspects…
– Issues identified in the 1890’s that erosion and catchment stability was at risk
-30 years later some more peeps identified this grazing and burning is bad,..
-1938, the government declares the upper catchment of the Snowy River an area of ‘erosion hazard’ . Well done lol.
-1943 snow leases were restricted in terms of numbers and burning.
damage has been done and its lookign pretty shit now.
-Lots of lobbying.. probably but those nut job greenies.
– Finally in the late 1950’s the park was established and grazing and burning removed..
but here’s the real kicker, there was a 3rd party interest here.. the Snowy Mountains Hydro‐electric Authority – they needed silt-free water to drive turbines 🙂
Make your own conclusion..
Then the rehabilitation started, lots of mistakes and lessons learnt during this period also, however it would seem 50 years later the place is looking not too shabby and to be honest whilst you can see signs of what has occurred you could be easily convinced that alot of this area is relatively untouched…
Hats off to those who enabled and carried out the rehab and those who fought so hard to protect this area – a good reminder to think about those fighting for conservation now.!

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