YSBK Today!

No shortage of Trainee pilots nowadays 🙂

As usual BAL are trying to ream the next best thing to recover their expensive purchase…

During the late 1990’s the Australian Federal Government, lead at the time by the Liberal Prime Minister Mr John Howard, brought forward the proposal of privatising Australia’s airport infrastructure assets.  Underpinning this proposal was the argument that the government at the time would need to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in airport upgrades – money the government simply didn’t have.  Rather than look towards the Australian tax-payer for additional funds, the decision at the time was made to sell off the airport assets off to private ownership, with a view that these private companies would invest and built our aviation industrial capabilities.


This should be a barrel of laughs…. bring your beer and chippies..take a place unde rthe supplied umbrella and watch the spectacle…

Following the successful Camden Airport Emergency Exercise in October, Sydney Metro Airport will hold its Annual Emergency Exercise on the northern side of the Airport on Tuesday 2 December 2008.

The aim of these events is to test the Airport Emergency Plan by exercising the roles of the NSW Fire Brigade, the NSW Police Force and the Ambulance Service in conjunction with the Airport Management company’s own staff.

A simulated emergency will be created involving an aircraft accident and a large number of casualties. The incident will practise emergency response, casualty care, fire fighting and command and control.

Viewing areas will be established for interested parties and NSW Police will ensure spectators do not enter restricted areas or aircraft operating locations.


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