2010 GVBR (Great Victorian Bike Ride) Day 8

Day Eight – Yea to Eildon – Saturday 04 December

Official Distance  64km

Gerry’s Cateye Statistics:

Riding Time: 3:22hrs

Distance: 68.9 kms

Average Speed: 20.4 km/h

maximum Speed 54.9 km/h

Calories Burnt: 1134.0

ODO: 579.5

Some big hills and some serious downhills too, this was starting to make day 2 look like a walk in the park! Some big stacks on this day too, makes one alittle more cautious on the down hills after seeing the SES go in ahead and the B412 rescue chopper beat over head!

Weather: it looked like it was gonna rain but did not, cloudy and cool, nice for riding!

The Good Oil Newsletter:

Day 8 A3 _Saturday night_

Day 8 A4 Insert _Saturday night_

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