A little Light in your Life

So I am sitting here at some ungodly hour of the morning again, typing with one had, rocking a 4 month old with the flu to sleep who every time i make eye contact with simply starts to smile, doesn't she know its time for sleep? 🙂

Anyway, no point wasting time, one hand on the rocker means the other hand can be editing pictures :), hence, I edited up a picture from the other month, a pano image with a difference, this one was actually made up from 5 vertical images stitched together, each image was at 11mm , i never really expected it to work but gave it a run anyway. I also bracketed the images, but only used a single exposure from each. With the sun just ready to peek over the clouds there was enough suppression in the dynamic rangle to get away with just the graduated filter.

Thankyou to you all who comment and plus my posts, I do appreciate it even if I do not reply to every comment 🙂

As always, I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed!

40 thoughts on “A little Light in your Life

  1. I'm interested to know how much overlap you had between each of the images +Gerard Blacklock. I normally do my panos with vertically oriented images but use a focal length of around 19mm on a full frame body. To me this doesn't look so wide but I guess you may have been a lot closer to the building than I think you were.

  2. +Mark Lees in this case quite alot of overlap, over 50%, these were vertical shots and the only reason for multiple shots was to fit it all in! 11mm on crop sensor results in alot of distortion hence I knew is was going to be a stitching nightmare, so the more frame material you can give it the better.
    There was a guy wire in this image which I cloned out since it did not quite stitch properly 🙂
    Thanks mate.

  3. I think I could recognise this honey colour from a thousand photos, +Gerard Blacklock . Beautiful work! How I miss a warm sunset! We still have 20-30 cm of snow here and -15C in the middle of the day!

    Hope your little smiling angel to get well soon – all the best from the other side of the world!

  4. Wow +Gerard Blacklock this came from 11mm film. This is really a great composition of your photos. Love lighthouse photography. Very nostalgic. And this one.

    Great colors. Love how the sky and clouds look at sunrise anyways with the tower of the lighthouse added it makes this photo very amazing. Not to mention the bit of orange from the lantern room. Nicely done!

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