Nestled into a little corner on the South Coast is a sleepy little suburb called Wombarra which has a sneaky little secret – this delightful little rock shelf. Although, it is like walking on a ice rink 😉 Its also delightfully green, my favorite seascape colour 🙂

Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, Single frame, Aperture: f/9.5 Shutter Speed: 3s. Composed and shot purely for the tentacles of water receding back into the ocean.

A great location for a soul restoring interaction with nature coupled with a smattering of photography 🙂

Thankyou to you all who comment and plus my posts, I do appreciate it and try and at respond to everyone 🙂 Rest assured I am always checking out my commenters streams (when i probably should be doing something else 🙂 )

As always, I welcome any suggestions, comments and improvements to my photography, they are always warmly welcomed!

43 thoughts on “Wombastic

  1. Love your comment about "nature and restoring your soul". It does indeed look like the ocean is reclaiming all the spirits that reside in her waters here in this photo.

    It barely looks like water. But instead some mysterious fog that came out of the ocean and now is returning back to it. Great photo. All the colors, especially the SKY on this day.

    Very impressive +Gerard Blacklock!

  2. I totally agree +Gerard Blacklock. Its why I love landscape photography. Plus it gives me a chance to see and visit places I had never previously heard of before bc I want to have a "soul-stirring" experience.

    In addition nature is NORMALLY free to be enjoyed by all. Not exclusive or inaccessible. And at the national forests and parks I don't mind paying bc I know the money is going towards environmental conservation for future generations.

  3. I like how the foreground swirls create leading lines into the ocean and then back in the sky the clouds complement the foreground creating a visual tension.

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