4 thoughts on “Adaptive Wide Angle in CS6 is awesome, controls those bending bits :)

  1. Well now you've done it – you've made me see why a photographer needs both LR4 and CS6. This is a powerful image in any case, but to see the tower standing straight and tall at the end of a curved path in the glorious light is much more powerful without the distractions of odd angles and curving lines.

  2. +Carolyn Fahm I also am a LR4 user, albeit a light one, i do find myself dipping my toes into CS5/6, there is just some features that can't be found in other editing programs, what I really wish is that all the programs I use get rolled up into one 🙂
    You are quite correct about distracting curves and odd angles, it can really make the difference between images especially when using a wide angle and looking at scenes with buildings, seascapes and natural scenes are not so much of problem. Thanks for having a look and commenting.

  3. Photoshop CS6 contains all the developing tools that Lightroom has. The advantage with Lightroom is that is is far less costly and it has some functions that Photoshop lacks, like database creation, digital book creation, geotagging, and a few other modules like Slideshow and Web. I began by using Photoshop but now much prefer keeping things in Lightroom. If you print, Lightroom is the place to do it, have many advantages over Photoshop. But few of us these days does not have to think of financial considerations, so since I have CS5 I had no plans to upgrade to CS6. But I am very impressed by the adaptive wide angle filter.

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