Whilst these may not look that much different from previous aircraft – although i reckon the 787 looks freakin' aswesome 🙂 , the technological advances that have gone into newer aircraft is quite amazing, on one hand i feel some what reassured that our aircraft manufacturer's are making aircraft more environmentally friendly but on the cynical side and probably the more realistic side the real reason is cost with the convenient side effect of improved emissions..;)

Aviation (AU) emissions have steadily increased with the increase in air travel, 19 mil tonnes to 22mil tonnes over 4 years however the fuel consumption rate and emissions rate is decreasing (about 1.5% per year decrease), that is a result of more efficient aircraft like this one, the 787 (and the desire to make aircraft cheaper to run 😉 )
Thats enough fun facts for today

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  1. I love hearing this. This northern hemisphere summer has been the one where global warming hit and hit hard. I read that the temperature in some parts of Spain and Portugal were nearly fifty degrees. With drought conditions added to high temperatures, the world seems to be on fire, both literally and figuratively. Lower emission engines, in the air on on the land, are good news for everyone, especially those of us in coastal parts of the world.

  2. +Carolyn Fahm This type of aircraft will not make a dent in climate change. Like it or not, the world's economy is based on burning fossil fuels for energy. We're on a collision course with catastrophe and there's no way to get off.

  3. +Carolyn Fahm I agree, we as a society, irrespective of whether it may or may not not make a difference, strive for a better world, a more efficient and sustainable world, for not to do so is to remain stagnant, which is a bad place.

  4. +Dave Yuhas pretty well no single change will make a difference on its own, only through the culmination of many small changes will big changes occur. The chase for a utopian society is something not ever to be relinquished irrespective of the fact that it cannot be achieved in its ultimate form. Striving for betterment and the hope for betterment are the only noble goals.

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