Airliners from YSSY

viewed from my backyard 🙂

Somedays when the light is nice its enjoyable to hang out in the back yard with tickles, my Piccolo Latte (India Elephant Hills AA Grade roasted by yours truly if you really want to know) and watch the big beasts of the air sail past.
I was also just checking them China Eastern aircraft to make sure they had all their engine cowling bits still attached;) Between China Southern and China Eastern there are alot of flights from these two carriers now, and another interesting player, which by the looks of things is backed by China Southern anyways is Xiamen Airlines. Clearly these dudes opted for the cheap default livery (paint scheme) 'cause it looks like the Boeing showroom demonstrator 🙂
That said, anything that gets more 787's in the air is a good thing in my books, good onya Boeing for striking a blow against the ugly aircraft 😉

now onto my leet segway from Chinese airlines, my recent roast of coffee included a really nice batch from Mt Gaoligong in China and the aforementioned india Elephant Hills AA, these two blended together are awesome and with my new found style of the Piccolo delivery makes any day a good one 🙂

In Album 25/06/2017

8 thoughts on “Airliners from YSSY

  1. +Gerard Blacklock Yeah, I'd like to get back to the rhythm of things sooner rather than later 😀 Actually my homeland is Oz! It's awful what's been happening here lately (and that is another reason I haven't been taking photos much; safety and security)

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