Airshow Light.

Airshow Light.

I think Airshows should employ me to give them some advice on crowd viewing spots… i must have walked up and down this feaking runway at Avalon half a dozen times to try and get some nice light. I’m pretty sure the gold class stands would have been pretty good, however after being fleeced by Jetstar with absolutely stupid airfares there was no way i was paying the 200+ bucks to sit in a stand.

Really they need a viewing place on the other side of the runway, if that ain’t possible, just swap the airshow to the other side of the runway 🙂 your gonna get much nice light for the majority of the afternoon 🙂

There was some really nice patches of light and cloud depending on what part of the sky the aircraft were at, I really like this one, you could be forgiven thinking that its flogging along at 20,000 ft, but really its probably less than a 1000ft off the deck, great looking aircraft too, even if they are old 🙂

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