Alesund – At the midnight hour.

Ålesund, Midnight Hour - (c) Gerard Blacklock

Ålesund, Midnight Hour – (c) Gerard Blacklock

At the midnight hour.

Alesund is a real pretty city perched out on one of the many little peninsulas on the west coast of Norway, some say its the most beautiful city in Norway, it certainly has some very cool old buildings in the main touristy area which is the older part of town.
We stayed in the Alesund Scandic Hotel just around the corner from this spot, it was one of the few hotels we stayed in whilst in Norway, although it was definitely dated, it did have a nice outlook and a pretty darn good breakfast 🙂

When you think or search for Alesund the most common image that comes up is the awesome scene which can be seen from the lookout that is situated above the town, its a bit of walk up alot of stairs, but worthwhile, the next image will be from that spot and you will be able to see just where this little vista is located with respect to the rest of the town 🙂

The best thing about shooting sunset.. or more correctly twilight here was that most people were in bed so whilst normally the stop is teeming with people I was able to enjoy some quiet time to get a few snaps, this one is a 12 shot panorama which each frame bracketed to get the highlights and shadows. No reflections artificially generated 🙂 it was glassy still.

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