National Tree Planting Day

National Tree Planting Day - (c) Gerard Blacklock

National Tree Planting Day – (c) Gerard Blacklock

Dear Australia, I am sorry for bagging you out a bit when comparing you to the Scandinavian countries 🙂 So I think its only fair that we identify some of the awesome things our great country has, you know.. concentrate on the good things and less on the bad (like the dickhead politicians.. did i say that or think it 😉 )

I live in a really great council area (now amalgamated.. 🙁 c’mon gerry concentrate on the good 😉 ) which has lots of really great community initiatives, one of which is the National Tree planting day 31st July). This was awesome, and all credit does to the Marrickville Council staff and volunteers (?) (, it was great to be able to rock up and have everything there ready (gloves, water,and refreshments), and with a explanation of what to do, I know both our children loved it and I think we managed to plant more than we trod on 🙂 . I really like the way there was a large selection of plants placed in the right areas ready to go, kinda makes sense.. but still great idea.

We are really looking forward to heading back to the tree planting spot in a few months to check out the progress,

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  1. As you go back to check on "your" trees over the years with your daughters, they will learn a great lesson about life and how it grows from small beginnings like the tree planting day. What a wonderful community to have made this happen, bringing together families like yours to create a better environment for generations yet unborn.

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