Eide, Norway

Eide, Norway - (c) Gerard Blacklock

Eide, Norway – (c) Gerard Blacklock

This was our first night in Norway, we had kinda (well me really) underestimated how long it would drive between places and arrived quite late – what appears to be a cruisy 200 kilometre drive is painfully slow with windy roads and more importantly the need to spot every 4 seconds to take a picture 😉
Anyways, we made it to our accommodation in Eide and there was some trepidation out what our place would be like.. it was ok 😉 lols I rate this over any Hotel in Kristiansund, especially at half the price 🙂 and the view was pretty magical. It was nearly 12 midnight when I noticed some pretty crazy colours coming thru the window so I dutifully went and took a shot or two, this image was looking away from the setting sun and the real colour, however with the really low cloud moving very fast and the brilliant red sunset behind me the clouds in the other direction, over the house, turned into a crazy pastel pink. I even had to desaturate these cause they looked too weird 😉

On the right you can see the typical barn that alot of Norwegian places have, in there were a bunch of chooks and in a little pen next to it some young sheep, which the kids absolutely adored 😉
I do find it a little strange that they (the Norwegians) always build two or three storey houses, even though there is heaps of space…

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  1. Part of the explanation is that traditionally it makes the best possible use of available building materials, and part is that it's efficient during the colder season(s). You can heat the ground floor, and then instead of losing the heat directly through the roof, it rises and heats the next floor and the next floor, before it finally leaves the house.

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