Au revoir VH-OJM QF73 – B747-438

My family thinks I am a bit strange – so I say I need to be home to watch a bit of aviation history fly overhead, my eldest daughter, looks at me with a strange tilt to her head like I have 3 green horns coming outta my head ! Tickles is like.. "what are you talking about dad.."?! then they are back to like making up some story with a toosi or something….. but you know what, little E understands completely, she dutifully listened to my ramblings about how this aircraft has 120,000 hours and is 26 years old…and its on its last flight to SF before going to the mojave graveyard, she even gave the appropriate gurgle and splutter as she sucked on my arm 🙂

anyways.. here ya'all have it, VH-OJM, last flight from Sydney to San Francisco departing YSSY.

As a interesting point, this aircraft also had quite an interesting event during a flight to Bangkok where the forward galley leaked water which spilled over into a decompression vent (a vent between the main deck and subfloor cargo or equipment bay – basically in the case of a decompression they allow the various decks to equalize rather than explode spectacularly 🙂 ) whilst a leaking galley is not new, being the forward galley this one is located close to the E/E (electrical equipment) rack below the floor which has a whole bunch of kinda important boxes and wires so you can imagine what water and electronics does 🙂 apparently they lost 3 of the 4 generator control units (yeah they are prolly fairly important) multiple nav and comm systems….I reckon the pilots on that day earnt their beer for the day

In Album 31/07/2017

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